Seamonsters pop006 | Artist: Seamonsters | Title: Seamonsters
Format: CD | Total time: 33:46
Produced & Arranged by Seamonsters
Recorded: Pop-eye Studios, April/May 1994. Additional tracks and digital mixing November 1998/February 1999. Engineer: Per Fikse
Cover Photo: Aage Asphaug | Graphic design & Layout: Per Fikse
Released: 1999 [Retro Series]

Håvard Oppøyen: Drums, Perc.
Terje Malm: Guitars
Håvard Kløften: Bass, Vocals, Perc.
Per Fikse: Guitars, Vocals

Mariann Skjerdal: Vocals on Within an Ace

1. Mischief03:45Håvard Kløften/Håvard Oppøyen
2. Stupefaction02:59Per Fikse
3. Waste Yerself04:05Terje Malm/Håvard Oppøyen
4. Fade Away03:46Håvard Kløften/Håvard Oppøyen
5. Pick-up03:08Håvard Kløften
6. In the Jarre01:10Seamonsters
7. Be Around05:14Håvard Kløften/Håvard Oppøyen
8. Within an Ace03:02Terje Malm/
Terje Malm, Per Fikse, Asle H. Kiran
9. Equations of Sentiment02:55Per Fikse
10. Beyond the Pale03:40Per Fikse